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Stretch marks? Get rid of it the natural way.

Can stretch marks go away? If you catch them while they are still healing, you can greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. There is no 100% natural stretch mark removal treatment, but you can help them heal much faster.  25 Weeks - Identical Twins - Pregnancy Belly Gallery

Stretch marks, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, which over time may diminish, but will not disappear completely.
Stretch marks are often the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or rapid weight changes. Stretch marks may also be influenced by hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding, hormone replacement therapy, etc.

Factors that may cause or contribute to getting stretch marks
•    One of the biggest causes of stretch marks is pregnancy. Pregnancy stretch marks and breast stretch marks go hand in hand sometimes (especially if Mom is carrying more than one baby).
•    Weight gain and weight loss.
•    Hormonal changes and puberty.
•    Diet and exercise.
•    skin bleaching or what we refer to as "toning".
•    Ethnicity: Darker skin individuals are less likely to get stretch marks.

Areas of the skin mostly affected
Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, but are most likely to appear in places where larger amounts of fats are stored. Most common places are the abdomen (especially near the navel), breasts, upper arms, underarms, back, thighs (both inner and outer), hips, and buttocks. They pose no health risk in and of themselves, and do not compromise the body's ability to function normally and repair itself.

How to prevent stretch marks:
•    Exercise: Exercise keeps your skin firm and helps in preventing stretch marks to a certain degree. Avoid excessive weight lifting, which can also stretch the skin.
•    Diet: Eat plenty of foods containing Vitamin C and E, which promote tissue growth. Moms who are expecting should try to keep weight gain to a minimal, this will help prevent stretch marks.
•    Oils: Keep your skin supple and hydrated by applying, coconut oil, tissue oils, Shea butter or vitamin E oil. Especially important during the last few months of pregnancy and when trying to lose weight.
•    Folic Acid: Moms who are pregnant are usually given folic acid tablets for the growth of baby, but folic acid can also help heal stretch marks from the inside-out.
•    Hydration: Keeping the skin moisturized by using natural moisturizers or cream, regularly and by drinking plenty of water daily, will keep skin hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and can also protect your skin from the sun.

How to reduce stretch marks:
•    Half part jojoba and half vitamin E oil. Mix and rub into stretch marks at least once daily. This will help new red stretch marks, heal quicker and better.
•    Butters (Shea butter, cocoa butter) for stretch marks: These butters are known home remedy for stretch marks and will help reduce the appearance of them.
•    Almond and coconut oil is especially good for treating stretch marks because of its high vitamin E content. Vitamin E moisturizes and helps build collagen and elastin. They are also safe to use during pregnancy.
•    Lavender and chamomile oil is also often used for massaging the affected areas during pregnancy and lactation.
•    Some have found good results by scrubbing the stretch marks with an apricot scrub. Oats scrubs are also just as affective.
•    Rid stretch marks with Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera contains salicylic acid which helps remove stretch marks. You can place Aloe on the skin topically or put some Aloe Vera in a morning smoothie. Aloe can be mixed with some jojoba, olive or coconut oil for a great topical stretch mark treatment.
•    Take a daily vitamin supplement of Vitamin E and K.
•    Removing stretch marks via surgery and other invasive treatments like laser removal of stretch marks: This is a last resort and can be very expensive.

•    Fresh stretch marks usually get itchy when they start to heal. Do not scratch your stretch marks, you could do more damage. A warm shower and above mentioned oils should help with itchiness.
•    Avoid any skin products containing alcohol, which will just dry out the skin.


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