Thursday, 4 July 2013

Adenike Ewaroluwa Ogungbe

Hmmm! Adenike Omo Oba that is what I always call you. I can't believe I will be writing a tribute on you but.... Oluwa lo ye. Adenike to rewa to niwa. What a rare combination of beauty, brains, grace and humility. You gave so much love to everyone around you. There was never a dull moment with you.

I can still remember your words when you encouraged me to start olaa naturale products. You said " auntie this thing you make and give to us for free is very good and you should start making money from it". You took it upon yourself to hunt for the packaging. You turned yourself into my chief marketing and accounting officer. Just 2days before your death you were still telling me to bring more soaps that you're out of stock.

That is the extent you'll go to sacrifice your time for others.

You were a very good wife to my brother, you never cease to worry about him. Even after the surgery when you came into consciousness he was the first person you asked for. You said "Abidemi I love you".

I told you he has gone to get food for the baby. Then you asked if I had seen the baby to which I replied no. You asked that I should take care of her and I said we would.

Oh 'Denike! You came, you saw, you fought the good fight and you conquered death.

You were my wife, my friend, my sister, my chief marketing officer, my accounting officer, my confidant.  A wife we are proud of. A wife other wives should emulate.

A woman of grace and virtue. A true icon, an enigma. You have put your footprints on the sands of time, you'll never be forgotten and you'll be greatly missed.

Sunre Adenike! Sunre Ewar! Sunre Omo kareem! Sunre Aya Ogungbe.

O di arinako, o di oju ala. 

Sleep on beloved, till we meet to part no more.