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Soft, smooth and supple skin the desire of every beauty conscious woman, women from the beginning of time have sort for the secret to agelessness.
Olaa Shea butter moisturizes to help skin appear smoother, making wrinkling less noticeable. (i know, cause i use it) Shea butter also helps to even skin tone and eliminates rough, scaly, dry skin; making skin softer and supple.

 Shea butter is very good for dry and brittle hair and prevents breakage.       
Olaa Shea butter, Pure and unrefined.

How To Apply Shea Butter For Everyday Use!

Before application, melt completely by rubbing in your hands until butter is perfectly liquid, get yours HERE: Ewar studio, 25b Summola street Mende Maryland. Lagos.

Revitalizing Your Hair

Good for Revitalizing your hair, the day before shampooing, oil hair by massaging the points with a big rot of butter. Wrap your hair in a hot towel; your keratin will absorb all what is required.

Love Your Face

The face is the main beneficiary of the daily use of Shea butter especially for those with dry skin; concentrate on inner parts (lower part of the nose, the corners of lips). Massage about ten minutes.

Protect Your Body in Winter

All of your body parts that are exposed are attacked by the cold weather. The film that Shea butter leaves on your skin will screen and protect it for hours. Never forget that the fight against aging begins with protection. Order now!

Dry Hair Care

If you have very dry hair, ten minutes after shampooing, apply a little Shea butter to bring brightness and life to your hair.


The superficial layers of the skin absolutely require an acceleration of blood circulation. The butter will penetrate deep into your skin, leaving a satin finish to the skin. The protection is real and will last a long time.
Shea butter helps diminish wrinkles by moisturizing your skin, promoting cell renewal, and increasing circulation.

Do you have Dry, chapped hands? You’re in luck!  I use Shea butter on my hands (especially after dipping my hands in soap)and they are smooth and wrinkle free.

Kissable Lips
Shea butter softens the lips and gives them a protective film against dryness and cold. Shea butter also helps irritated noses due to allergies or colds. A little Shea butter maybe applied in each nostril.

Relax Your Muscles
 Apply carefully on arms and thighs for instantaneous muscular well-being.


Applying Shea butter immediately after shaving or waxing will prevent irritation and to give your skin a lustrous, satiny look and feel.

Essential For Baby's Daily Care

Africans have been using Shea butter daily for centuries as a unique link between mother and child to prevent delicate baby skin irritations. Call 08020924020 to order yours now.

Shea butter is used for the management of sinusitis and relief of nasal congestion (it works like magic). This is due to its hydrating properties which help in relaxing the tension in the facial skin thus easing respiration.

To Regain Freshness

Apply butter to every part of your body after a warm bath.
Olaa Shea Butter Cream
I love it!

Your skin suffers during the whole summer. Regular use of Shea butter in addition to sun screen products, before and after sun exposure, leaves you with tanned skin and avoids peeling.

Uses For Men And Athletes
Lined skin has gone out of fashion for men. Use Shea butter after shaving for a healthy and younger feeling skin, gentlemen should at least once a week, apply a generous amount from head to foot, with special care for joint (elbows and knees), toes, heels and nails.

Shea Butter and Sport

Shea butter is particularly recommended for sportsmen. It has been used by Africans for centuries to relieve muscles tension and stress, Shea butter accelerates warm-ups, afterwards Shea butter helps drain toxins from sore muscles for a faster recovery.

Take note that Raw Shea butter offers the highest amount of anti-aging nutrients. This is Shea butter that has not been exposed to a refinement process. Order yours now! ) 08020924020, or send email to olaanaturale@gmail.com or bodylab.olaa@gmail.com or visit Ewars studio 25b Summola Street Mende Maryland Lagos. 

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  1. Hi Omolade,
    I also know that African Shea butter is used to control dandruff in both men and women as well as scaly peeling of skin around the heels and soften the underneath of feet. Most women use it for strengthening the texture of their hairs in Nigeria. When combined with cam wood('Osun' in Yoruba language)it has many cosmetic properties .
    Thank you for this valuable information.
    Adekunle Onifade

  2. i hear it darkens already dark skin, is there some natural skin regimen that wont darken me the more abeg ?