Monday, 17 February 2014

Coconut oil to help your dental problems

Have you heard of oil pulling?
Oil pulling is an ancient practice in Asia, but suddenly it is catching on in the United States. It involves swishing an oil around in your mouth (coconut oil is the most common one) for dental and other health benefits.

Oil pulling is taking an organic oil and swishing it around your mouth and it’s supposed to draw out bad bacteria, toxins. It supposedly helps asthma, diabetes, upper respiratory problems and helps clear the skin.

Despite the fact that I make and use coconut oil a lot, i was ignorant of the fact that this amazing wonder of nature can as well be used for tooth problems which I've been battling for years. Until an Auntie Friend of mine who is also a naturalist told my Mum to start using coconut oil for her teeth.
My Mum told me about it. I started using it because getting an extra virgin coconut oil is not a problem, cos i make it!
The gist of the matter is that after using it for 3days my tooth sensitivity disappeared!

If you've tried oil pulling please let us know.

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