Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The step by step guide to using shea butter.

Goodday Fellow Bloggers
For the next few days I will be discussing the different ways you can use your shea butter to help achieve a more beautiful you. Make sure you try it and post comments.

As a deep conditioner
1. Scoop a sizeable amount of natural shea butter into a mix bowl
2. Add 8mls of pure coconut oil
3. Add 5mls of pure honey
4. Mix till the whole mixture is properly homogenised.
5. Add some of your normal conditioner and cover your hair with a shower cap.
6. Steam for 15minutes using a dryer or a steamer.
You can also steam using your body heat but that will take about an hour or more depending on how full and long your hair is.
7. Rinse your hair with water at normal room temperature.
Remember all products have to be pure and natural for you to see the desired result.

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